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H901OGHK Board Description

The H901OGHK board is a 48-port GE/FE optical interface board, providing Ethernet optical access. It supports up to 48 channels of GE/FE P2P access services, and is applicable to Ethernet access.

 Feature and Specifications

  • The H901OGHK board supports the following features and specifications:
  • 48-channel (CSFP) or 24-channel (SFP) GE/FE P2P optical access
  • Cascading and aggregation
  • Two-channel one-fiber bidirectional CSFP optical modules, one-channel two-fiber bidirectional SFP modules, and one-channel one-fiber bidirectional SFP modules
  • GE port issuing synchronous Ethernet clock signals
  • SyncE and 1588v2
  • Temperature reading and high-temperature alarm
  • Automatic power-off in case of high temperature
  • Board power-off for energy conservation


The operating temperature of H901XSED and H901TWED is -40°C to +55°C (in MA5800–X17/X15/X7) or -40°C to +65°C (in MA5800–X2) and the lowest board startup temperature is -25°C. The operating temperature of other boards is -40°C to +65°C and the lowest board startup temperature is -25°C.

Table 1 Power consumption and maximum frame size of boards:


  • The power consumption of a board is calculated based on the following conditions:
  • Operating voltage: -53.5 V DC.
  • Ambient temperature: 25°C.
  • Static power consumption: All ports do not carry any loads and optical modules are not installed on optical ports.
  • Maximum power consumption: All ports fully carry loads.
  • The board power consumption slightly varies with the power module configured for the board and discreteness of components.

Thông số kỹ thuật

   Table 1 shows the quick spec.

   Table 2 shows the comparison between H901OGHK and H901GPHF02.

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