Hộp phối quang ngoài trời ODF GPON 24 Fo

Mô tả

ODF 24Fo Outdoor Wall-mount Fiber Optic Distribution Frame is mainly used for connecting the outdoor     optical cables, optical patch cords and optical pigtails. It can be wall mounted or pole mounted, and facilitates the test and refit of the lines


  • This cabinet could be used for wall-mounted and applications
  • Could be used for adaptors such as SC, FC, LC
  • Can manage both single fiber and ribbon & bundle fiber cables
  • Support in place to install the optical fiber splitter
  • Large working space to integrate the pigtail, cables and adapters
  • Storage cabinet
  • Input and output port: 13 on the cable
  • Capacity: 24 cores
  • Optical splice tray made of plastic, capable of stacking on top of each tray and convenient tray for each operation, 24 fiber single storage.
  • Length of optical fiber can fit in the tray ≥1200 mm
  • Qing at least 24 interface adapter SC / SC
  • Loss ≤ 0.3dB every head adapter
  • Full accessories, have key and lock
  • Made of ABS plastic, small dimension and exquisite, easy for operation
  • Special design ensures the excess fiber cords and pigtails in good order
  • Inner components as follows:
  • Fiber Optic Splice Tray: storing fiber connectors (together with the protective components) and the spare fibers
  • The shell is made of ABS plastic, UV protection, standards of protection IP65
  • Designed for easy maintenance and installation
  • The rolls ensures bend radius ≥ 30mm
  •  Fixing Device: used for fixing the fiber protective tubes, the fiber reinforced cores and the distribution Pigtails


  • Fiber Optic Telecommunication
  • Optical Network equipment
  • CATV
  • High Speed Transmission Systems
  • FTTH

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