ODF tủ phối quang ngoài trời 288 cores

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ODF 288 cores NF-GXF035 series Cross Connecting Cabinets are interface devices for the junction of trunk cables and distribution cables in the optical transmission network, used to implement the cable fixation and protection, optical fibre splicing and termination, optical fibre route allocation and scheduling, internal equipment protection and other value-added module installation etc.

The external case for the SMC (sheet mounding compound) outdoor optical cross connection cabinet, It has such advantages as pleasing appearance, good corrosion resistance, high strength and good waterproof performance, especially its good weathering resistance and heat insulation. The enable it to effectively prevent moisture condensation caused by the the fast change of air temperature inside and outside of the case .

All of metal part inside the case are made of stainless steel materials, meeting the requirement for using ribbon cables and non-ribbon cables, It has device for reliably fixing, stripping, and grounding and protecting optical cable, All electric and mechanical door locks have independent intellectual property rights, achieving grade management for lock, easy to mange key-right and check on work record lines


• Double-sided operation (front and rear), with a single swinging door at both side, front-facing operation .

• Splicing and termination module

• Grade management of lead-in optical cable, enlarge the number of lead-in cable .

• Lead in modules by areas after cable fixed-stripping protection

• Available in FC / SC / ST / duplex LC adapters

• Independent route of patch cord and fiber optic between front and rear

• Optical cable fixing, stripping and protection connector installed on both sides to lead in a large quantity of cables dedicated base design

• Cable inlet holes on the base plate being opened in rows, easy to lead in cables optional bases

• Available in mechanical lock or electrical lock

Technical Parameters

• Fiber Insertion Loss: Single mode ≤ 0.18 dB Multi mode ≤ 0.30 dB

• Return Loss: ≥ 45 dB (PC)

► 50 dB (UPC)

► 60 dB (APC)

• Insulation resistance : The insulation resistance between grounding device and cabinet metal components is not less than 2×104 MΩ/500VDC

• Withstand voltage: The withstand voltage between grounding device and cabinet metal components is not less than 3000V(DC)/1min, no breakdown, no fly arc.

• The section area of the ground cable : > 6 mm2

Thông số kỹ thuật

Ambient Conditions

Items Unit
Ambient temperature: -25 ºC ~+60ºC
Relative humidity: ≤95 %( +40 ºC)
Atmospheric pressure 70~106Kpa
Standard Moisture-proof, waterproof, dust-proof, thief-proof meet to YD/T988-1998; IEC 60529, IEC 62134-1, UL94
Dust and splash-proof IP65
Cable direction Lead-in cable from bottom, available in various situations
Numbered Clear labeling on each optical fiber
Bending radius > 30 mm, Complete bend radius control
Mechanical strength: > 1000 N ( vertical pressure borne on the surface of the case top )

> 200 N ( vertical pressure borne on the farmost edge after door being open )

Flammability: GB 5169.7



















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